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About us

We take you on a journey through the infinite range of slow fashion.

We want to infect you with our love for special one-of-a-kind pieces.

Slowing down should be an important part of every life and the world to come.
With our work we try to bring the Slow Fashion Movement a little closer to our customers and the world. In doing so, we support those who have been on this path for a long time.

We have always been fascinated by flea markets and the idea of not throwing things away but giving them a new chance.
The quality of most of them means that they still exist today and often even look new. Today's quality can hardly compete with that of the past.

We are a small family business dedicated to sustainability without losing focus on style.
As almost everyone already knows, fashion entails a whole host of environmental sins. Since everyone needs clothing and people actually love to buy beautiful pieces, we are happy to be able to offer this to our customers without a guilty conscience.
We try to give a new life to clothes that have already been loved. They can find new friends through us. Give love and be loved once more.

We wish for a new world in which the way we deal with things is different, but the desire for beauty is not lost.

When Tarik and I met, we were both lost in space. Neither of us really knew what we wanted to do.
Tarik had been collecting second-hand/vintage clothing for years and infected me a little with his affection for old things. I have to mention that my parents have always collected antiques and the penchant for old and quaint things has always been in my bones.
One evening in January, we had made ourselves comfortable and were drinking tea, Tarik asked me: "Aurelia, what is your dream?"
I answered spontaneously: "To open a vintage shop".

With our shop in Cologne's Südstadt, we started creating our own little world in 2020.
By then, we had already put a lot of energy and time into our dream of having our own shop.
Getting up early to go in search of favourite pieces at flea markets.

Getting up even earlier to load the handcart and take the train to the flea market as an exhibitor, at that time still without a car. Then the first presence on Half our room in our 1.5-room flat served as storage. At some point we didn't know where to put ourselves and the clothes. The desire for a shop grew.
Now, at the end of 2022, we are standing in our shop and can look back on two difficult but also beautiful years.
With our own website, we want to expand our reach and our possibilities. The website is meant to support our intention.

By selectively choosing special clothing, we create a special selection that is presented in our shop and then also in our webshop, and that represents us at the same time.