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Vintage jumper/pullover designs vary from classic patterns such as stripes, checks and cable knits to playful motifs, embroidery and prints that give the jumpers a unique character.

The colour palette ranges from soft, muted tones to vibrant and bold colours to suit every individual taste.

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Sold outM Vintage Lacoste Strick Pullover hellblauM Vintage Lacoste Strick Pullover hellblau
Sold outSave 8%M Lacoste Pullover grauM Lacoste Pullover grau
M Lacoste Pullover grau Sale price€55,00 Regular price€60,00
Sold outS-M North Pole Strick PulloverS-M North Pole Strick Pullover
Sold outM Luis Estère Pullover dunkelgrünM Luis Estère Pullover dunkelgrün
Sold outSave 14%M Pullover abstrakte Streifen blauM Pullover abstrakte Streifen blau
M Pullover abstrakte Streifen blau Sale price€30,00 Regular price€35,00
Sold outL Pullover Linien blau/schwarzL Pullover Linien blau/schwarz
Save 24%XL Vintage Carlo Colucci PulloverXL Vintage Carlo Colucci Pullover
XL Vintage Carlo Colucci Pullover Sale price€42,00 Regular price€55,00
Save 11%S-M Vintage Replay Nordic PulloverS-M Vintage Replay Nordic Pullover
S-M Vintage Replay Nordic Pullover Sale price€40,00 Regular price€45,00
M-L Vintage Carlo Colucci PulloverM-L Vintage Carlo Colucci Pullover
M Pierre Cardin Vintage Pullover grünM Pierre Cardin Vintage Pullover grün
M-L Vintage Carlo Colucci Blätter MotivM-L Vintage Carlo Colucci Blätter Motiv
XXL Maskulin Pullover buntXXL Maskulin Pullover bunt
XXL Maskulin Pullover bunt Sale price€80,00
M-L Carlo Colucci kariertM-L Carlo Colucci kariert
M-L Carlo Colucci kariert Sale price€90,00
Sold outL Vintage Paul&Shark PulloverL Vintage Paul&Shark Pullover
Sold outS Vintage Lacoste Pullover streifenS Vintage Lacoste Pullover streifen
M Vintage März Pullover GolfM Vintage März Pullover Golf
S Pullover geometrische MusterS Pullover geometrische Muster
M Boss Pullover geometrische MusterM Boss Pullover geometrische Muster
Sold outS Pullover streifenS Pullover streifen
S Pullover streifen Sale price€40,00
M-L März Pullover lila/blauM-L März Pullover lila/blau
M-L März Pullover lila/blau Sale price€44,00
M Pullover Navajo styleM Pullover Navajo style
M Pullover Navajo style Sale price€40,00
S-M Pullover florale MusterS-M Pullover florale Muster
S-M Pullover florale Muster Sale price€40,00
S Lacoste Pullover streifenS Lacoste Pullover streifen
S Lacoste Pullover streifen Sale price€40,00
M März Pullover V AusschnittM März Pullover V Ausschnitt
S Lacoste Vintage Pullover dunkelgrünS Lacoste Vintage Pullover dunkelgrün
Save 20%M-L Carlo Colucci Pullover schwarzM-L Carlo Colucci Pullover schwarz
M-L Carlo Colucci Pullover schwarz Sale price€40,00 Regular price€50,00
Save 8%M Carlo Colucci Pullover dunkelblauM Carlo Colucci Pullover dunkelblau
M Carlo Colucci Pullover dunkelblau Sale price€60,00 Regular price€65,00
L Adino Lando Pullover abstrakte StreifenL Adino Lando Pullover abstrakte Streifen
Save 7%XL Carlo Colucci Pullover grünXL Carlo Colucci Pullover grün
XL Carlo Colucci Pullover grün Sale price€65,00 Regular price€70,00
Sold outSave 10%M Missoni Pullover Coogi Style rotM Missoni Pullover Coogi Style rot
M Missoni Pullover Coogi Style rot Sale price€45,00 Regular price€50,00
L Monello Pullover streifen gelb/grünL Monello Pullover streifen gelb/grün
S 100% Wolle Pullunder weiß/grauS 100% Wolle Pullunder weiß/grau
L 100% Wolle Pullover BohoL 100% Wolle Pullover Boho
L 100% Wolle Pullover Boho Sale price€60,00
Save 31%XL Carlo Calucci Pullover 90s StyleXL Carlo Calucci Pullover 90s Style
XL Carlo Calucci Pullover 90s Style Sale price€45,00 Regular price€65,00
M made in Italy Pullover coogi StyleM made in Italy Pullover coogi Style
XL Adidas Pullunder TennisXL Adidas Pullunder Tennis
XL Adidas Pullunder Tennis Sale price€45,00
Save 25%XL Vintage Carlo Calucci PulloverXL Vintage Carlo Calucci Pullover
XL Vintage Carlo Calucci Pullover Sale price€59,00 Regular price€79,00
M Ladys Pullover FellM Ladys Pullover Fell
M Ladys Pullover Fell Sale price€39,99
Save 7%L Carlo Colucci Pullover Schwarz, grauL Carlo Colucci Pullover Schwarz, grau
L Carlo Colucci Pullover Schwarz, grau Sale price€69,99 Regular price€74,99
M Carlo Colucci Pullover AnanasM Carlo Colucci Pullover Ananas
Save 15%L Vintage Carlo Calucci Pulli (Made in Germany)L Vintage Carlo Calucci Pulli (Made in Germany)
L Vintage Carlo Calucci Pulli (Made in Germany) Sale price€110,00 Regular price€130,00
M Pullover geometrische MusterM Pullover geometrische Muster
M 90s Alpaka Vintage PulloverM 90s Alpaka Vintage Pullover
L Vintage Carlo Calucci B.I.G. StyleL Vintage Carlo Calucci B.I.G. Style
Sold outM Vintage Pullover (Carlo Style)M Vintage Pullover (Carlo Style)
XL Vintage Skandinavischer Schurwolle PulloverXL Vintage Skandinavischer Schurwolle Pullover
M Pullover schwarz/beiges MusterM Pullover schwarz/beiges Muster
XL Carlo Colucci rot/blauXL Carlo Colucci rot/blau
XL Carlo Colucci rot/blau Sale price€89,99