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Sweater & Hoodies

Sweater & Hoodies

The Vintage Sweaters & Hoodies collection by Intothevibes brings the charm of decades past back into your wardrobe. Each piece has been carefully selected to bring you high quality, unique and stylish clothing.

The high-quality materials used to make our sweater & hoodies ensure a comfortable fit and durability. You can be sure that you will receive a garment that will last and keep its shape and colour even after many washes.

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Sold outM-L Fruit of the Loom Sweater grauM-L Fruit of the Loom Sweater grau
Sold outSave 11%XL Reebok Classic Fleece grauXL Reebok Classic Fleece grau
XL Reebok Classic Fleece grau Sale price€40,00 Regular price€45,00
Sold outM Fubu Sweater rotM Fubu Sweater rot
M Fubu Sweater rot Sale price€59,99
Save 14%L Vintage Southern SweaterL Vintage Southern Sweater
L Vintage Southern Sweater Sale price€32,00 Regular price€37,00
XL Vintage Adidas Sweater weißXL Vintage Adidas Sweater weiß
M Vintage Fila Sweater grauM Vintage Fila Sweater grau
M Vintage Fila Sweater grau Sale price€40,00
M Vintage Puma Sweater weißM Vintage Puma Sweater weiß
M Vintage Puma Sweater weiß Sale price€30,00
S-M Vintage Jim Avignon HoodieS-M Vintage Jim Avignon Hoodie
M-L Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Sweater grauM-L Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Sweater grau
L Vintage Fleece Sweater rotL Vintage Fleece Sweater rot
L Vintage Fleece Sweater rot Sale price€35,00
XL Vintage North Face Fleece Sweater dunkelblauXL Vintage North Face Fleece Sweater dunkelblau
XXL Vintage Versace SweaterXXL Vintage Versace Sweater
XXL Vintage Versace Sweater Sale price€170,00
L Vintage Northface Fleece SweaterL Vintage Northface Fleece Sweater
Sold outM-L Vintage Nike SweaterM-L Vintage Nike Sweater
M-L Vintage Nike Sweater Sale price€60,00
M-L Vintage Reebok SweaterM-L Vintage Reebok Sweater
M-L Vintage Reebok Sweater Sale price€50,00
M Vintage Fila SweaterM Vintage Fila Sweater
M Vintage Fila Sweater Sale price€45,00
L Vintage Fila SweaterL Vintage Fila Sweater
L Vintage Fila Sweater Sale price€42,00
M Blowout Sweater gelbM Blowout Sweater gelb
M Blowout Sweater gelb Sale price€30,00
M Upcycling SweaterM Upcycling Sweater
M Upcycling Sweater Sale price€42,00
M Upcycling SweaterM Upcycling Sweater
M Upcycling Sweater Sale price€42,00
Save 11%M Fila Sweater schwarzM Fila Sweater schwarz
M Fila Sweater schwarz Sale price€40,00 Regular price€45,00
Save 33%XL Kappa Sweater schwarzXL Kappa Sweater schwarz
XL Kappa Sweater schwarz Sale price€30,00 Regular price€45,00
L Reebok Sweater grauL Reebok Sweater grau
L Reebok Sweater grau Sale price€50,00
M-L North Face Fleece Jacke dunkelblauM-L North Face Fleece Jacke dunkelblau
XXL Harley Davidson SweaterXXL Harley Davidson Sweater
XXL Harley Davidson Sweater Sale price€70,00
M Oversized Adidas Sweater seegrünM Oversized Adidas Sweater seegrün
M-L Fruit of the Loom Sweater grauM-L Fruit of the Loom Sweater grau
XL Levi’s Sweater lilaXL Levi’s Sweater lila
XL Levi’s Sweater lila Sale price€32,00
XL Fila Sweater beigeXL Fila Sweater beige
XL Fila Sweater beige Sale price€32,00
L Unisex North Face HoodieL Unisex North Face Hoodie
L Unisex North Face Hoodie Sale price€30,00
L True Vintage Adidas SweaterL True Vintage Adidas Sweater
Save 14%L Nike Sweater blau/gelbL Nike Sweater blau/gelb
L Nike Sweater blau/gelb Sale price€50,00 Regular price€58,00
Sold outS Vintage Fleece Sweater Navajo PatternsS Vintage Fleece Sweater Navajo Patterns
Sold outSave 13%M Fleece Sweater Navajo Muster dunkelrotM Fleece Sweater Navajo Muster dunkelrot
M Fleece Sweater Navajo Muster dunkelrot Sale price€35,00 Regular price€40,00
Save 19%M Reversibel S. Oliver Sweater SkyM Reversibel S. Oliver Sweater Sky
M Reversibel S. Oliver Sweater Sky Sale price€30,00 Regular price€37,00
Save 18%XL Fleece Nike Sweater dunkelgrünXL Fleece Nike Sweater dunkelgrün
XL Fleece Nike Sweater dunkelgrün Sale price€49,00 Regular price€60,00
M unisex Funky Vintage sweaterM unisex Funky Vintage sweater
M-L Fleece Jack Wolfskin grün/blauM-L Fleece Jack Wolfskin grün/blau
XXL Nike Sweater weissXXL Nike Sweater weiss
XXL Nike Sweater weiss Sale price€59,99
Sold outL Oversized True Vintage Fila SweaterL Oversized True Vintage Fila Sweater
L-XL Samtsweater Sonne schwarzL-XL Samtsweater Sonne schwarz
Sold outM Tundra Tribe Fleece Pullover schwarz/rotM Tundra Tribe Fleece Pullover schwarz/rot
M Vintage Sweater Stühle BlauM Vintage Sweater Stühle Blau
M Vintage Sweater Lila GelbM Vintage Sweater Lila Gelb
M Vintage Sweater Lila Gelb Sale price€24,99
Sold outL Vintage Lacoste Sweater Schwarz BraunL Vintage Lacoste Sweater Schwarz Braun
M Vintage Ralf Lauren Fleece JackeM Vintage Ralf Lauren Fleece Jacke
Sold outL Vintage Adidas Sweater in BlauL Vintage Adidas Sweater in Blau
XS Vintage Adidas 80s SweaterXS Vintage Adidas 80s Sweater